Virtual Training Sessions with Program Design

No more wondering what to do when you get to the gym, no more stress over finding the time, or figuring out what is the best workout for you, no more searching Youtube for the new “workout of the day”, no more running when you hate it, no more going to classes that do not suit you….

Instead :

A Plan That Is Tailored to YOU

A 6 or 12 week plan that is laid out for you, and includes everything about you!

A Plan That Works For You Not Against You

This plan helps you reach your goals because it gives you the accountability you need with virtual sessions and workouts to do on your own.

1 on 1 Workouts to Help Guide Your Progress

Showing up and working together to get stronger and reach goals faster.

So What is This Magical Solution to Reaching Goals I have??

Personalized Programming is different because it takes ALL of your likes, your strengths and your weaknesses into account. With virtual sessions you are held more accountable and get virtual “hands on” instruction. You gotta show up!

It takes confusion and time out of the equation. You are given a plan with exercises to follow along with sessions to do 1 on 1 on YOUR time. Everything is recorded a logged in my app, and tracks your progress there too. From workouts we do together to those I write on your own. Videos help guide you too!

This process helps you progress and get stronger mentally and physically to where you are able to reach your goals. We work together to make sure everything is going right and that you are comfortable getting uncomfortable with your workouts ;).

Results Speak For Themselves:


“I never was someone who loved working out, when I started with Candice my diet was crap too. Through virtual training I not only got stronger and healthier, but I also started to really enjoy workouts. Having the accountability of showing up and having something to follow made all the difference. – Jamie Lynn Catrett Owner Catrett Casting and Associates

What All Do You Get? 

A Full Workout Plan with Exercises Each Week In Addition to Your Sessions

Customized workouts laid out for you, that progress for you, to help you, week to week. Everything is in app and super easy to use. Videos help guide you on your own when I am not there.

Stretching Guides

Stretch workouts laid out for each phase of your plan with videos.

24/7 Email Access to Me Throughout the Program

You can email with questions/concerns/check ins at any time and get a response within 24 hours.


A Full Layout of The Program with Goals

Your plan will be laid out on a higher level to explain how you will get to each goal.

Food Log - via My Fitness Pal

Myfitnesspal connects to the app to let me see how you are doing. I also help however I can (within my scope) to keep you accountable here.

At home workout equipment help

(Not required) If you wish to purchase additional equipment to help with your workouts, I provide links to help you get my favs!

Weekly Newsletters with Tips and Recipes

Get a weekly newsletter with recipes and goodies to help you make the most of your workouts and plan.

Can You Relate?

Get Results:


“I have had a lot of barriers to my fitness journey, including crazy work hours which extend beyond the normal working hours of a gym.  I’ve never been super athletic or consistent with fitness (although I’ve tried every fitness activity imaginable) so was understandably nervous to start this journey. Candice met me where I was at and has been so supportive, intentional, and deliberate about my progression. She has pushed me but never given me more than I can handle. Yes, I’ve lost inches and am wearing clothes I haven’t worn in years.  More importantly though, I haven’t taken Advil in months (longtime sufferer of tension headaches) and I feel FANTASTIC. THANK YOU CANDICE!”

– Jessica Millsap, MD, Program Design Client

Different Plan Options

4 Sessions/ Month PLUS programming


8 Sessions/Month + Programming


12 Sessions/Month + Programming


Get started and get moving in the right direction!!

It is a program that works specifically for YOU. Not your best friend, not your mom, not your co worker but for YOU.


There is a reason there are so many different workout trends out there, someone realized they liked something different which is exactly WHY you cannot compare yourself to anyone else. Just because they lose weight by doing x workout and enjoy it does not mean it will work for you OR that you will or have to like it. Working out is NOT one size fits all. You get results when it is personalized to you. That is exactly what program design with virtual training is.


Do I have to have to be experienced to do this?

Nope! That is the beauty of customizing plans for each person. I meet you where you are and we go from there! 

How long does it take from purchase to start the program?

After purchase we set up a time to chat for about 20-30 minutes to discuss everything! The more the better to get it working for you. Then I get to work! Typical turn around time for all programming is one week to start.

Do I have to have a lot of equipment?

Nope! We use what you got, and I promise it can and WILL be effective. If you belong to a gym or enjoy going to a class we incorporate that too!


How long are the workouts?

Typical workouts range on your own are about 30 minutes while virtual training sessions are 45 minutes.

Do I have to belong to a gym?

Nope! You can do it all at home if you want!.

Do I have to run?

If you hate running…. or have injuries then probably not. There are plenty of other ways to do cardio!

Do I have to use the sessions at a certain time?

Nope we can lay them out however you would like during the program. I will always make a suggestion but it is ultimately up to you.

What if I like taking classes?

Those can absolutely be worked into your overall plan. Its customized to you!

A plan for you- to help you reach your goals, take the guess work out of it and get you moving towards where you want to be! 

Got questions??

Reach out anytime – candicecfitness@gmail.com