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Four, Six and Twelve Week Programs

Four Week Do ANYWHERE Program

Ideal for those who travel and want to stay on track. This program helps you do just that by adapting normal workouts to bands, and bodyweight work to still keep results coming!

Can be worked into any other program or done on its own (since its four weeks it can be good for a change up!).



Four Week Intermediate HIIT Program

Want to get lean, and work hard for four weeks?! Then this is for you!

This is only recommended for those who HAVE NOT been doing HIIT style training before starting this. You should do this for a short period of time in between other training modalities (like a focused strength program).

This program contains 3 working days and 2 mobility days in between. You can do most things with dumbbells and/or bands and bodyweight. You should have a decent amount of resistance to choose from though.



Six Week Strength Building Fat Loss Program

This is a program for those who have a decent fitness base already, who have access to a gym or decent amount of weights and are able to do most basic movements with resistance.

The goal of this program is to help you build your strength while progressing you and leaning you out at the same time. You will see results if you follow it as its laid out!



Six Week Beginner Strength Program

This program is ideal for those who are just starting out and want to get better at lifting. It starts with ALOT of mobility and activation work and going over basics.

THEN it transitions you into strength where you really get to start working on building up lifting and seeing muscle build as a result.



Eight Week Strength Program with Glute and Hamstring emphasis

This program is great for those fitness levels who are familiar and have some experience but want to really work on strength. On top of that you also would like to develop and tone your posterior chain (aka booty and hamstrings more).

You need access to a decent amount of equipment for this program. It will progress you and allow you to see strength gains all along the way. It phases you through the program from really heavy to buidling up.



Hip Mobility Add On Program

If you suffer from knee pain, ankle pain, back pain, lack of core engagement, hip pain, inability to get depth with squats or lunges AND/OR you sit all day- then this is for you!

It is a program that you add onto your existing workout routine. You can rotate it through more than once for optimal results. You do it in place of your previous warm up OR on its own if you are not working out that day.

Shoulder and Neck Mobility Add On Program

If you tend to get tension headaches, sit most of the day, are on your phone alot, feel like your traps get too involved during workouts and/or you have bad shoulder range of motion, or pain or instability…. then this is for you!

It is a program that you add onto your existing workout routine. You can rotate it through more than once for optimal results. You do it in place of your previous warm up OR on its own if you are not working out that day.

Premade Programs to Fit YOUR Lifestyle

Whether you are just starting out, or someone who has been in fitness for a while, sometimes you just need a plan.

These plans are tailored to a specific fitness level and for specific goals, so be sure to find the one that is best for you!

In an EASY to use APP

Workouts that work for you vs against you. Videos that help, an outline that is easy to follow.

No Major Equipment Needed

You can do these with a little or a lot of equipment you can tailor to your fitness level and what you have access to.

Taking the guess work out of it

Have something to follow – even in between other programs when you are on the road. Its adaptable and changes up how you are working out- change = change (wink wink).

Workouts that are created to help you reach your goals

Look I have been a trainer for over 10 years and have seen many training fads come and go. I have tried them too. 

One thing remains supreme though, and that is consistency and change when it comes to training. You have to progress your workouts, you have to change things up every few weeks. These programs help you do just that.

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Workouts that help you stay on track.



Moving better always makes you feel better, mobility and warm ups are part of every workout!


Just having a plan to follow can make ALL the difference

Get your plan now!

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I am Candice and I became a trainer to help women feel better and discover their true potential through fitness and living a more balanced life style. After being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and seeing how resistance training, fitness, and eating better really helped me feel better; I knew I had to help others do the same. Fast forward leaving my corporate job and jumping into personal training full time today and I am able to do just that. I would love to help you too!


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