Custom Program Design and Coaching for Women

No more wondering what to do when you get to the gym, no more stress over finding the time, or figuring out what is the best workout for you, no more questions when you have accountability and access to your coach, no more searching Youtube for the new “workout of the day”, no more running when you hate it, or going to classes that do not suit you….

Instead :

Get Stronger

Discover the best workouts for you and get results with them (no matter where you are)

Build Confidence

Build on your strengths and have access to someone when you need them for questions and motivation.

Understanding WHY you are doing certain exercises and how they benefit you now and long term

Discover the power of personalized workouts to benefit your specific body, lifestyle, likes and dislikes.


Workout On Your Schedule

No more rushing to class or meeting someone else, workout when it is convenient for you- at your own home or gym. Work with your coach on how to fit your workouts into your crazy schedule. (and yes its possible!)

Feel Better, Move Better, Look Better

When things are meant for you, results happen. There is a reason customization makes all the differnece in ALL areas of life.

So What is This Magical Solution to Reaching Goals I have??

It’s called program design and it works by customization. I get to know you, your goals, your likes, dislikes in regards to working out, your weaknesses, your strengths, what you have access to workout wise, how much time you have, your medical history, what you have succeeded and failed at in the past, etc. ALLLLLL of these things come together to help me come up with the perfect plan for you.


It takes confusion and time out of the equation. It gives you access to me when you need me via text or email to get help with everything from motivation, your workout that day or what to eat at your dinner with friends. Your plan is either 6 or 12 weeks long and during that time you progress and get stronger mentally and physically to where you are able to reach your goals. We work together to make sure everything is going right and that you are comfortable getting uncomfortable with your workouts ;).

Results Speak For Themselves:


Now that I’ve officially finished my 12 week program with Candice and have completed my follow-up body composition scan at “Stat Wellness”, I can share with you my good news:  I EXCEEDED MY BODY FAT LOSS GOALS and am super close to my gain in lean muscle goal!  In total, I have lost over 10 pounds of body fat and gained almost 6 pounds of lean muscle; my visceral fat level went from 7 to 5!  I wouldn’t have reached my goals if it weren’t for Candice’s individualized programming, her direction and advice, and the accountability she provided.  Candice is a strong, thorough, and astute trainer and she has made this difficult transition fun and exciting!  THANKS CANDICE!!” – Lauren Bullis – Auditor, Dept of Homeland Secruity

What All Do You Get? 

A Full Workout Plan with Exercises Each Week

Customized workouts laid out for you, that progress for you, to help you, week to week. Videos of each as well to help explain the right and wrong ways to do them.

Stretching Guides

Stretch workouts laid out for each phase of your plan with videos.

Text and Email Access to Me Throughout the Entire Program

You can email with questions/concerns/check ins at any time and get a response within a designated time frame (pending your time zone).


Goal Setting Help and Work on Developing New Habits

Work with me to build new habits to replace the old that may not be serving you as much any more. We work together to build SMART goals and habits to help you continue up the new and improved path in your life.

Food Log and Help with Nutrition

A food log to help me see what you are eating week to week (if desired) so I can help make smart suggestions on what to ADD in to your current choices to help you get to your goals faster.

A Free Grocery List

Healthy options to help you navigate the grocery store to help your progress.

At home workout equipment help

(Not required) If you wish to purchase additional equipment to help with your workouts, I provide links to help you get my favs!

Tips and Recipes

You get access to all my favorites and I can help you develop and come up with some that will help you!

Can You Relate?

Get Results:


“I have had a lot of barriers to my fitness journey, including crazy work hours which extend beyond the normal working hours of a gym.  I’ve never been super athletic or consistent with fitness (although I’ve tried every fitness activity imaginable) so was understandably nervous to start this journey. Candice met me where I was at and has been so supportive, intentional, and deliberate about my progression. She has pushed me but never given me more than I can handle. Yes, I’ve lost inches and am wearing clothes I haven’t worn in years.  More importantly though, I haven’t taken Advil in months (longtime sufferer of tension headaches) and I feel FANTASTIC. THANK YOU CANDICE!”

– Jessica Millsap, MD, Program Design Client

Two Plan Options

6 Weeks


Get a Video Of

Every Exercise

12 Weeks 



Get yours and get moving in the right direction!! 

Its a program that works specifically for YOU. Not your best friend, not your mom, not your co worker but for YOU.


There is a reason there are so many different workout trends out there, someone realized they liked something different which is exactly WHY you cannot compare yourself to anyone else. Just because they lose weight by doing x workout and enjoy it does not mean it will work for you OR that you will or have to like it. Working out is NOT one size fits all. You get results when it is personalized to you. That is exactly what this program design is.


Do I have to have to be experienced to do this?

Nope! That is the beauty of customizing plans for each person. I meet you where you are and we go from there! 

How long does it take to get the program?

After purchase we set up a time to chat for about 20-30 minutes to discuss everything! The more the better to get it working for you. Then I get to work! Typical turn around time is 3-5 business days.

Do I have to have a lot of equipment?

Nope! We use what you got, and I promise it can and WILL be effective. If you belong to a gym or enjoy going to a class we incorporate that too!


How long are the workouts?

Typical workouts range from 30-60 minutes 3-6 days a week. It depends on your goals and where you are at currently with your fitness levels and lifestyle.

Do I have to belong to a gym?

Nope! You can do it all at home if you want!.

Do I have to run?

If you hate running…. or have injuries then probably not. There are plenty of other ways to do cardio!

Do I have to know how to do all the exercises?

Absolutely not, you get videos explaining all of them.

What if I like taking classes?

Those can absolutely be worked into your overall plan. Its customized to you!

A plan for you- to help you reach your goals, take the guess work out of it and get you moving towards where you want to be! 

Got questions??

Reach out anytime – candicecfitness@gmail.com