Training Options:


6 and 12 month workout programs


These programs work because they are different.

We work together to figure out what you specifically need. Not what your best friend needs, not what your mom or sister needs or husband…. what YOU need. 

That is what makes it different.

We work together for the span of 6 or 12 months to get you to your goals.

And if you do NOT get to your goals while doing everything within your program then I guarantee you I will work with you for an additional 2-4 months for FREE. 

I am willing to give this away for free because it WORKS..


Workout Programs for All Fitness Levels 


You know you need to change things up, but not sure how. You would love to do a more customized program, something you enjoy, but maybe it is not in the budget right now.

Then these are for you! These programs are for various fitness levels (more to come too!) and help you reach your goals no matter where you are at. Four, Six and Twelve week programs are made for those who need something to follow, who want to see results just not sure where to start.



Work with me in Person or Virtually at Stat Wellness in Atlanta


Sometimes in person is the best way to go, and if that is you then lets train together!

You still get that customized approach, and you can add on 6 or 12 week programming as well to do on your own, but in person or virtual 1 on 1 sessions are a great way to really get a hands on approach. If you are interested in finding out more about training with me this way and everything it has to offer- lets set up a free consult to chat for 15 minutes and see if were a good fit for one another! Hit the link below and find a time that works for you!


join my FREE accountability group!


Connect with others just like you! Weekly live trainings, weekly accountability and MORE!


Quarterly Goal Setting Printable 


Get organized with your goals.

 Easy to follow guide to layout your goals for each month and week of the quarter.

Progress weekly and have easy to follow prompts to stay on track each week to stay accountable. Get results!