Blackened Cod Taco Bowl with Cilantro Lime Cabbage Slaw

Blackened Cod Taco Bowl with Cilantro Lime Cabbage Slaw

Super Easy – Super Yummy – Super Healthy 

As you may or not know I am NOT a cook. I pride myself on finding things that are easy, taste good and are healthy.

This meal is exactly that. It is packed with omega 3’s, higher in protein, and easy to prepare.

I use cod typically for things like this, mainly because it has a light flavor and cooks easily. It is also pretty easy to find wild caught filets.which I always try to get so they are not with the added hormones, or antibiotics some farmed might be containing.

The sauce is from Primal Kitchen (use code CandiceCFitness to save at checkout ) – it is light and made with avocado oil which I love as it mixes well and is full of healthy fat as well.

Cabbage is great for a variety of reasons – it is packed with vitamin K, C and is great for digestion too. 

I tend to put this all on top of cauliflower rice, I like to buy the pre riced variety lol – again not a cook! Trader Joe’s is my favorite.


How to Cook This Dish –

Prepare the riced cauliflower as package directs.

To prepare the fish – 

Simply heat a non stick skillet to medium high heat with about ½ TBL of Avocado or Olive Oil.  You can also use a cast iron pan for a little different flavor.

Prepare the blackened coating by mixing all ingredients listed below.

Add a small amount of oil to each filet of fish then coat with seasoning. 

Once pan is heated place filet in pan and saute 3-4 minutes on each side until flaky.


While that is cooking prepare the slaw- 

You need a big ziplock bag, purple cabbage (again I buy pre cut lol) the primal kitchen marinade (Cilantro Lime) and red onion plus pickled jalapenos. Add everything to the bag (use about ¼ cup of marinade) and seal bag and shake until it is coated.


Assemble the bowls with rice, fish and slaw and add a little bit more marinade along with juice of ½ a lime to each. 




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