Four Week At Home Workout Program

Four Week At Home Workout Program

This time in our world is just crazy. Never in my life did I think something like this could happen. I am sure you somewhat agree….

With “social distancing” and trying to really stay healthy we are going to not be in gyms and more than likely aiming to get creative at home. Going virtual possibly or working with trainers or friends remotely. This is exactly why I created this program. For those of us who may not have much equipment at home or maybe no fancy bike…. This program is for you if you are at a loss of what to do, are at ANY fitness level (there is a beginner, intermediate, advanced program). You need minimal equipment and if you do not have something you can omit it, OR if you DO have something you can add it. It is simple but will help us stay on track.

There is a schedule to follow each week (this is four weeks long just in case!).

There are descriptions of each workout and exercise along with photos and some videos (link in the photo of the exercise bank).

You get 4-5 workouts a week broken into cardio and strength along with stretching.

So again no matter the fitness level, one of these can work for you! And for only $30 this is a STEAL……  a month of workouts for less than you would pay for most gyms (and no plan mind you). You can totally lose weight with this- but if you want a little extra help I am also offering a consult via skype or Google hangouts to help you with that and if you are interested in cycle syncing as well. If you are interested in adding that on you can do so when purchasing or simply reach out to me and let me know and we can set it up! Again I hope this gives you a little hope and can help you stay focused. We will ALL get through this! Stay healthy guys! C

Get it below! (and ps use code CHANGEUP to save $10 at checkout!)


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How your hormones can affect your weightloss and life

How your hormones can affect your weightloss and life


Do you ever stop and think about your hormones? How they could really be affecting your life and weight loss?

First off let me say I am NOT an expert on this stuff just kind of obsessed now after reading In the Flo with Alissi Vitti. Mainly because her approach makes so much sense! It dives into #cyclesyncing and how making certain changes in our lifestyle to support our cycle can actually help us lose weight, become more productive, and feel better every day! You can check it out below.

As women, unfortunately it has become more normal to be known as “hormonal” . We have a “cycle” but we have no idea how to make it actually work for us… instead we are out of balance and deal with PMS symptoms among other things week to week. If we can get our hormones to where they are at better levels we will not only feel better but perform better in every area of our lives. Seem too good to be true? Follow me here….

Throughout our 28 days our hormones (we have many more but in regards to this I am referring to estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone) go up and down and if you are like me and have taken synthetic birth control for years, or taken different medications, been exposed to hormone disrupting toxins (like plastics and some things in the air for example), you may be all over the place. You may have also been diagnosed with PCOS, irregular periods, or estrogen dominance. Any of those things can potentially also lead to issues with metabolism, thyroid, gut, and other autoimmune conditions.

Here are a few reasons why:

Estrogen dominance: is something that is more apparent for ever in our culture, there are multiple reasons why but one big one is our liver not metabolizing estrogen properly. When we are not eliminating the right amounts of estrogen (the liver metabolizes it in three different ways (one good, and two bad) it can lead to dominance which can turn to insulin resistance, higher inflammation and gut issues among other things. This right there can prove to mess with metabolism. 

We also have a major connection with estrogen and our gut. A major regulator of estrogen is within the gut and by a certain type of bacteria. If we have any sort of dysfunction (like leaky gut) that has developed this can cause that bacteria to not regulate estrogen as it should which in turn can lead to dominance…. Again this  can lead to numerous factors stemming from obesity, infertility, and pcos among other things.

With hormones unbalanced, it just leads us down a bigger spiral of imbalances causing the wrong things to be released or not released at the right times. This means more stress on the body, which we all know leads to more inflammation.

So what am I getting at?

If we can add things to help support our optimal hormone production and treat our bodies in a way at the right times of the month when these hormones should be at certain levels we can feel better, do more and help reduce some symptoms and possible reverse some diseases.

It starts by paying attention to your cycle. If you do not know when or where you are, or if you are on birth control it is a good idea to get a feel for your hormone levels by getting tested. Over the next few weeks I will be diving into how these things can be helped via workout scheduling, foods, supplements and self care. Different parts of the month if you will need different things to help you feel your best and start to regulate hormones to correct metabolism and other imbalances and health issues. 

I am doing this myself as I personally have been affected with irregular cycles for YEARS and want it regulated. So far so good. And have no fear I will do a full recap of all of my success and fails after month 1!

Ready to start your own CYCLE SYNCING journey?? Four weeks of workouts, nutrition help AND self care to help you get moving and feeling better – you can save $10 with code CHANGEUP at check out. Check it out!

Like sweets??? Add these to your next get together (and skip the guilt)

Like sweets??? Add these to your next get together (and skip the guilt)

Yallllll these guys are amazing.

No seriously I have not had a complaint yet. Now I am NOT claiming to have come up with these on my own. That comes from paleorunningmama.com.

Here is the original recipe – /Almond Butter Fudge

I changed mine up a bit to not include any nuts so here is what I did:

  • For bottom
    • 1.5 cups of dark chocolate morsels ( I use dairy free like Enjoy Life)
    • 1/2 cup of sunflower butter
    • 1 tbsp of raw honey
    • 1 tsp of vanilla extract
    • 1/4 cup of coconut oil melted
  • Melt chocolate in pan on stove and then add in other ingredients and stir continuously until melted through. Let cool slightly then transfer to a 8×8 or larger pan lined with parchment paper and put in refrigerator for 30 minutes.
  • For top
    • Mix 1 1/4 cup sunflower butter
    • 1/2 cup melted coconut oil
    • 5 tbsp of raw honey
    • 2 tsp pure vanilla extract
    • 2 pinches of sea salt
  • Smooth top layer over bottom in pan and let cool in fridge for 2 + hours before serving.
  • Remove from pan still on parchment paper and then slice into squares and serve. Keep refrigerated if not using

These things have gotten rave reviews and hopefully you think the same. Feel free to swap out the sunflower butter for any you like and the chocolate chips as well.



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Top 20 Fitness and Health Gift Ideas for 2019

Top 20 Fitness and Health Gift Ideas for 2019

Short- Sweet and To the Point- Christmas and holiday gift buying (if you are like me and gifts are NOT your love language) then it can be hard!! One thing I am good at though…… getting health and wellness gifts 🙂 

I complied a list of some of the best for this year so if you have someone in your life that is a fitness, health and wellness fanatic hopefully these help make your gift buying a little easier. 

You will find everything from smart watches to clothing to supplements below. Enjoy 🙂

Top 20 Fitness and Health Gifts for 2019

1- Apple Watch – https://amzn.to/38fTJIZ
  • You can make calls, listen to podcasts, get up to the minute heart rate data, ECG data, its waterproof, track workouts, and MANY MANY other things. This is the newest version but I have a 4 and it is something I really cannot live without now.
  • For those who are anti apple…… (my husband) then I recommend The Galaxy Smart Watch https://amzn.to/2OSVfsR
2- Sonic Handheld Percussion MassageGun  – https://amzn.to/345G8AG

  • This is the new way to release muscle tension and get rid of knots and other stiffness post workout and from daily life stresses. I promise the pain hurts so good and no foam roller is going to get you this good.


3- Back and Neck Massager – https://amzn.to/2r8KCsZ

I love a good back and neck massage. This adds heat to the mix too to help relax the muscles. Releasing tension and stress and implementing more recovery into ALL of our lives is something we ALL need more of. I definitely recommend this.


4- Hydraflask https://amzn.to/34XujO0

  • Stay hydrated! Keeping a water bottle on hand that is NOT plastic and WILL keep your water at the temperature you want is a WIN. These are great as they contain a large amount without being bulky and over bearing for day to day use.


5- Liquid IV – https://amzn.to/389ibeN

  • Not sure if I really need to elaborate here. If you know me you KNOW I love my Liquid IV and use it DAILY. It really helps get hydration to the cells in a more efficient way than other hydration drinks. It also is not loaded with sugars and fake ingredients like some are. You can feel good about what you are adding to your water. No matter if you are just drinking it day to day for health, post a little bit too many drinks, or if you are sick this stuff is my JAM 🙂


6- Collagen Peptides – https://amzn.to/2PrhCoi

  • Collagen is something we all should be adding into our diets. I believe this for reason of not only gut support but skin elasticity and helping it stay plump if you will. It also helps with joint health. I have been using this brand for a long time and love their business and ingredient profile.  If you are looking for something for someone who could benefit from this then give them a try!


7- Shark Ninja Blender for smoothies – https://amzn.to/33UuOav

  • Truth – this is on my list this year. My husband is about ready to throw my other one out the window as it has gotten old and LOUD. Ninja brand has a great reputation and is proven to be of great quality for the price. If you or whom ever you are looking for is into smoothies or juices or cooking then this is a GREAT option.


8-  Foam Roller – https://amzn.to/38aGZmL

  • You may be wondering why I included this with some what throwing it under the bus with the hypervolt option at #2….. but I get it, that hypervolt aint cheap and if you are looking for something more affordable for recovery then this is your best option. This is a great quality and will get the job done for now ;).


9 – Alo Yoga Leggings via Carbon38 -(use code CandiceCFitness on Carbon38.com to save at checkout!) – https://www.carbon38.com/product/high-waist-airlift-legging-black

Black Leggings

  • For the yoga or fitness girl in your life. These are super cute, flattering AND comfy!


10- Alo Yoga Jacket – (use code CandiceCFitness on Carbon38.com to save at checkout!) – https://www.carbon38.com/product/duality-sherpa-jacket

Sherpa Jacket

  • Take this from class or the gym to out on the town. These are definitely in this season love them!


11- Nikes- (use code CandiceCFitness  on Carbon38.com to save at checkout!) – https://www.carbon38.com/product/nike-air-zoom-pegasus-36

Black and Gold Nikes

  • These are some of my favorite nikes for running as I always need more support with my high arches. Shop these or any others here and save at checkout!


12-  Exfoliating Sugar Cubes –  https://amzn.to/38nPk6T

  • I fell in  love with these and the smell. They are great for the winter and when you are someone who sweats alot and needs to take care of their skin then these are great!


13 – Yoga Mat – https://amzn.to/2Ylf1QC

  • For the yogi in your life. This is a great quality and fan fave from all the yogi’s I know 🙂


14- Foot massager – https://amzn.to/2Yw4Hp6

  • Not going to lie I fell in LOVE with this thing when I got to use one a few months ago. It feels like a legit amazing foot massage and you don’t have to worry about the weird


15- Fitness Bag- https://amzn.to/2Pjvz7A

  • Cute and stylish- ya gotta put your stuff somewhere right?? 🙂


16 – Headphones- https://amzn.to/38aeaHi

  • Favorites and they stay put! Bose is a name you CAN trust!


17- Sweat bands – https://amzn.to/367ZExS

– These are super cute and come in a pack of 8 so your fitness lover can have multiple options. They don’t slip and don’t dig into your scalp either! #Win



18- Socks – https://amzn.to/369qaqm

– Fact – if you workout then you ALWAYS need to socks. No slip and no show are the way to go!


19- Deodorant – https://primallypure.com/collections/deodorant use code CandiceCfitness at checkout!

  • This is my DAILY and favorite all natural brand. They have no aluminum or harsh chemicals and they WORK! We know the studies out now about deoderant so use the good stuff! Definitely recommend :).
20- Vegan Protein Powder – https://track.equilibriumnutrition.com/SHie

– I use this stuff EVERY DAY in my smoothies. Not only is it loaded with vegan protein but also ALL your daily vitamins and minerals.




And there you have it! My top picks for 2019! I hope they help and have a VERY Happy Holiday Season!!


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Disclaimer : the products above may provide me with small commissions for sales.

Sugar. What it actually does to your body.

Sugar. What it actually does to your body.

I have a sweet tooth, and I am not ashamed to admit it. Give me cookies, and I could probably eat a dozen easily if I lacked any will power. However, I do have will power that I have developed over time and part of the reason for that is knowing what sugar actually does to my body when I ingest it. Primarily added sugars, or manufactured sugars.

So what happens exactly when you eat sugar? And what is it?

Sugar when eaten is broken down by your digestive enzymes into glucose and fructose. Glucose is something our body uses for energy, but too much of it can cause harmful side effects. We are going to go over what each is, how it impacts our body, and what we can do to help avoid the bad side of it. (Remember everything in moderation is key).

  • Glucose’s role
    • As it is absorbed (from foods or drinks we consume) initially causes our pancreas to release insulin which in turns takes the glucose to your cells to be used as energy. However too much insulin can cause the blocking of leptin (the hunger hormone) which makes you feel hungry even though you just ate… this can also cause your body to be tricked to storing glucose as belly fat because it thinks it is in starvation mode (when you don’t eat).
    • It can also cause serotonin to be released which causes sugar crashes because false indicators are going off to the brain. The crash comes because serotonin is also one of your sleep regulating hormones.
    • Too much insulin can also cause your body to not release enough dopamine over time (dopamine is the feel good hormone)… this can also lead to cravings and can cause addiction because you get a short jolt after consuming sugar, so you keep going back for more. (btw this is also what happens by the brain when you do cocaine ).
    • Over time your bodies cells can become resistant to insulin which causes an overload of it in your blood stream which leads to different forms of diabetes.


  • Fructose
    • Acts and is absorbed in a similar manner to glucose but is metabolized in your liver
    • Your liver can easily be overwhelmed if you eat too much fructose containing foods and cause fat to grow within it…. aka fatty liver disease
    • It also can cause your “good” cholesterol to lower (HDL) which in turn increases triglyceride levels. And that fat can actually be carried to your arteries from your liver which leads to increased heart attack and stroke risk

Inflammation can stem throughout our body as a result of too much sugars being released and not used optimally in our body.

So what can you do to help yourself not get any of these side affects?

 Pay attention to labels –

SOOOO many of processed foods contain both forms of sugar. About 74% of packaged foods contain added sugars.

If you look at a food label (you can read more on how to do that here) you can see just how much sugar something contains. It says straight up sugars and added sugars. The added sugars are really what you want to consume as little of as possible. These are not natural to the product and are what really lead to inflammation and the issues mentioned above.

You can also look at the ingredients – (there are about 61 types of added sugars (most are chemicals btw) that can be listed here. The most common – dextrose, sucrose, high fructose corn syrup, barley malt, rice syrup, and sucanat. You really want to avoid these. You can read more of the others here.


This doesn’t mean whole foods don’t contain sugar, most fruits and veggies do! BUT they are natural sugars without the chemicals or processed junk that your body cannot process. We do not want that on top of too much sugar.

A good rule of thumb is to stick to more lower glycemic (meaning lower sugar fruits) like berries and cherries and only have the others sparingly.

Aim to load your meals with more veggies (green, red, orange colored ones) and lean proteins. Healthy fats are good too of course but be sure to look at labels of things like nut butters as they can be high in added sugars too! Some of my favorite low sugar brands are – 88 acres (seed butter) and Maranatha .


It is PROVEN that the more hydrated you are the LESS you will crave sweet things. Read more on that here.

Also try to DECREASE your consumption of higher sugar foods for 3 weeks. When you do this you will notice a difference in your cravings start to decrease.

In a nutshell…..

Every day we each have choices to make. We can choose to opt for healthier stuff eating out, we can opt for not processed junk at the grocery store but YOU>>>> No one else has to choose to do these things. I promise the more we take that step to make smarter choices, the easier it will become and the better we will feel.

 Our bodies are machines and fueled right they will look and perform right, fueled wrong and they will perform like crap and look like crap. Just like you wouldn’t put cheap gasoline in a Ferrari, you shouldn’t put cheap stuff in your body either ;).

Have more questions? Be sure to comment below or shoot me a message.

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