Seven Functional Movement Patterns – What you need to know

Seven Functional Movement Patterns – What you need to know

Have you ever gotten injured doing something “dumb” or something so simple it doesn’t make sense??

Maybe for example, you threw your back out picking up your purse, hurt your knee walking up some stairs, hurt your hip sitting down, or twisted your lower back bending over??

It shouldn’t surprise us that this happens. Think of how quickly we move throughout life, how go go go our lifestyle is. Maybe you are seeing a trend here with our quick on the move lifestyles….. (that it causes more harm than good, maybe we should probably slow down?….) You can read more about that in both of these posts¬† Over-training is a real thing and Stress and how it impacts your ENTIRE life . BUT that is for another day.

So how do we help ourselves from hurting ourselves with simple daily tasks?

Focus on intentional movements…. which means slowing down, and by understanding the Seven Functional Movement Patterns.

My video below goes through all of this, and be sure to watch all the way through as I give examples of how to perform each at the end!

It is important we understand these and how they can truly help us live a better life by feeling better, having more energy by not being sidelined and focus on OURSELVES. It is not selfish I promise.

Here is a free guide for you to see and understand them in simple form with examples of each too! Get it <HERE>


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