Summer Must Haves

Summer Must Haves

Its ALMOST summer – can you believe it?? This year even with all of its craziness has gone by pretty quick. I am also pretty sure I say that every year…. With summer comes a need for certain/ different things our body needs to stay healthy and some things we just want (lets be honest). This list is comprised of both.


Feel free to share with anyone who might like some of these items! Also please remember these are ALL things that I use or have in the past and I would never recommend anything I did not believe in!



Liquid IV – 

One of my absolute FAVORITE things, and something I use ALL year long but especially during the summer. Dehydration is something we have to be careful of in the summer. Heat exhaustion is common and so is alot of our consumption of other things that can make us needing more hydration than other times of the year.

For example, sweating, drinking alcohol, eating more things like bbq or saltier foods all make us increase our need of more water. That is why I love Liquid IV. It seriously is a game changer, even for hangovers! One packet gives you the same hydration as if you were drinking 2-3 bottles of water. It uses something called CTT that allows rapid absorption in your blood stream of glucose, sodium and potassium. It is literally a game changer for me. Check it out! 


Hydro Flask – 

So you gotta keep that water and liquid IV cold right? Well this is my favorite water bottle to do it.

It is a little more pricey but it is worth it and I believe these things are pretty darn near indestructible. Lots of colors to choose from too!


Sun Bum – After Sun Gel

This stuff is the best if you are get a little burnt (or alot)…. but lets try not to do that.

It cools you down and moisturizes unlike other aloe gels and lotions I have tried in the past. Not to mention it is made with SUCH better ingredients. It is always with me- this or the gel ALWAYS when we are at the lake or the beach or pool. Highly recommend all of their products.


Toms Flip Flops 

Of course ya need some flip flops!

I love Toms because there is meaning behind the brand. They do good for every pair that is sold, Not to mention they have great quality too that last, 


Vitamin E

You have to change up the supplement game in the summer too!

Vitamin E is something that is super important for skin repair and rejuvenation. So summer = essential time for it. We have to protect our skin and Vitamin E does just that by providing antioxidant support as well as other benefits like cardiovascular health support and more.


Vitamin C

Next up – Vitamin C!

Vitamin C is well known for its immune support but did you know it also helps protect against free radical damage from the sun? It also helps support cells and hydration daily. I love this brand as they are free from any allergens so we know we are getting good stuff!


DIFF Eyewear – 

Sunshine = sunglasses that work!

Not only are these some of the cutest sunglasses ever – I think I got more compliments on my pair of Beckys than any other sunglasses ever! But they go to a GOOD cause too! You know I love companies that do that. They also offer a no scratch guarantee!


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How to Workout to Decrease Stress

How to Workout to Decrease Stress

The luxury of being a woman. No seriously, it is! We just have to realize it.


Not sure about you but right now the world is crazy, we have been in a worldwide pandemic, the world has all but shut down, we have been stuck in our homes for days, wearing masks when in public, become the cleanest people ever, and the government is basically paying us to stay home.


Have you been stressed at all lately as a result?? I would be pressed to say yes more than likely…

You see, the effects of stress are major. From increased health risks, to weight gain, to hormonal imbalances, relationship problems, work problems, mental health…. The list can go on.




Are you at all aware that working out can actually help reduce those effects?

Well it can, when done correctly. In our society today though we have to approach working out a little differently, especially us ladies of child bearing age (basically anyone who has gotten a period to when we reach menopause). This is because during that time our bodies are functioning off a 28ish day cycle. NOT a 24 hour one like society wants us to be functioning on. If you need a little refresher check out this post for more on that – 28 days vs 24 hours. For now I am just focusing on women and how to workout to combat stress, OH and lose weight. 






Heres the deal –

If you have read anything on our cycle and health you would find out it is broken into four phases. Each one essentially has a different focus and deals with different hormone levels rising and falling. The hormones we want to think about are estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. 

When they are balanced (meaning going up and down at the right times and the right amounts among the 28 days) we can workout to really support them and our metabolism to get more bang for your buck if you will. We can burn fat better, sleep better, and keep stress lower.

If those hormones are imbalanced we need to workout to support them, or we will just wreck more havoc on our metabolism and health overall.

For the First half of your cycle: (Follicular and Ovulatory)

Hormones are on the rise. You tend to have more energy and in turn actually favors fat loss. Your metabolism is slower and blood sugar should lean more towards the stable side. This means you can do harder stuff. You can focus on more intense strength training, and cardio. Even if you are imbalanced it is ok to do these things – just listen to your body. If it is telling you to stop do it – dont keep pushing. 

A general rule of thumb is to just stick to 30 minute intense workouts. Your body tends to burn through the first round of glucose in your blood for energy in about that time.

When we do what we are supposed to do, our body will recover and thrive off of it. When it is happy that means less internal stress.

In the Second half of your cycle: (Luteal and Menstrual)


Your hormones will start to decrease if you do not conceive. This means you want to really start slowing it down before you hit your period. Your metabolism is up so you can consume more dense foods for energy and nutrients, but as your metabolism increases and hormone levels fall so does the stress on your body internally. Cortisol tends to rise during your luteal phase. More stress from extreme workouts can push you into an imbalance.


This is why you should really prioritize rest during your period and right before it. This does not mean you cannot workout or do anything, just skip the intense sessions and definitely follow the 30 minute rule. Imbalance means stress internally – internal stress means more issues with metabolism over time, which mean less weight and fat loss.


Why no intensity all the time??


When you keep pushing you are getting into a more stressed state physically, when this happens you stimulate the release of cortisol which can potentially harm you if your body is already chronically stressed or have an imbalance. The cortisol is released to help you convert fat into energy after you burn through carbs. When this happens if you are in an imbalanced or chronically stressed state you can end up storing fat as your body thinks it needs to for later or start taxing out your adrenals. Both lead to problems down the road.


A great way to start figuring out when to do what is by figuring out where you are in your cycle. If you are unsure then start with the moon phases, wonky I know but it holds true and is how I had to start after coming off birth control. 

Listen to your body, rest when you need to rest. And workout hard when you feel like you can. 


There are great ways to learn how to do this. A great place to start is with my cycle syncing workout phase guide. You can download it below.

If you are looking to really get started with correcting your flow if you will and want a more personalized approach lets set up a time to chat! Inquire below.

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Best Supplements for Decreasing Inflammation

Best Supplements for Decreasing Inflammation

Inflammation we know stems from stress in some way shape or form to our body. Whether it is internal or external, physical, or mental, stress causes us to be inflamed. We want to find ways to offset it, to help us relax. Although I would always want to go a food first route we cannot guarantee anymore that what we are consuming is 1- without ANY sort of pesticide, chemical, toxin, additive and 2- that we are absorbing it internally as we should.

It would definitely be nice to just be able to eat some foods and absorb all the nutrients we need and get rid of all the stuff we don’t… however our bodies tend to not function that way anymore. After being exposed to numerous toxins and other harmful substances over the years our guts get imbalanced, our livers get backed up and we have things leaking into our immune systems. Not to mention so many of our foods are covered with crap we don’t need to ingest and are bodies do not know what to do with.

That is why supplementing is the next best alternative to help us get to equilibrium and rid ourselves of as much inflammatory substances and triggers as possible. I have come up with the best supplements in my opinion to fight this and included links to my favorites. I do have to say as a disclaimer though, ALWAYS consult a healthcare practitioner prior to starting ANY supplementation guide. These are strictly recommendations I am not prescribing anything :).

Important nutrients we need to fight inflammation :

  • Omega 3s – Specifically EPA and DHA. Aim to look for a 2:1 ratio of EPA to DHA on labels. DHA has been shown to reduce inflammatory markers in relation to gut health and EPA has been shown to help reduce inflammation in the blood and nervous system.
  • Ginger – can potentially help with reducing inflammation in the digestive tract – like colitis and help with indigestion
  • Spirulina – antioxidant found in algae – Helps reduce inflammation and increase immune function
  • ALA– Works for metabolism and energy production but also helps reduce inflammation through its antioxidant properties and helping protect cells and restore levels of certain vitamins
  • Curcumin – found in turmeric can help reduce inflammation and inflammatory markers it is absorbed best when taken with black pepper.
  • Certain Antioxidants
  • Vitamin A– helps fight free radicals (beta carotene converts it in our bodies)
  • Vitamin B6 – one that we don’t hear of as much, but low levels of this tend to correspond with high levels of c reactive proteins which show inflammation in the body
  • Folate – another form of a b vitamin (folic acid) that has been shown to reduce inflammatory markers
  • Vitamin C – improves immune function
  • Vitamin D- connected to inflammatory conditions and when it is low and helps with weight loss when combined with Calcium
  • Vitamin K- helps reduce inflammatory markers
  • Vitamin E- reduces inflammation
  • CoQ10 – reduces inflammation
  • Magnesium – reduces inflammation by decreasing stress, when we are low in magnesium we tend to be high stressed.
  • Glutathione- reduces free radical markers

So where should you start?

I wouldn’t recommend just going all in with everything to start. Not to mention with so many options out there it can be hard to find the best ones – if I had to start with just 5 I would start with these –


Omega 3’s




Vitamin C


B complex


Vitamin D


Or start with a great multi and vegan protein in one


If you still want to focus on the food route that is ALWAYS the best option – you can find the best foods to eat and for which nutrients HERE.

ALWAYS remember if you choose supplementation for things, that you are doing JUST that… SUPPLEMENTING a well balanced diet and lifestyle to get optimum results. 🙂

How your hormones can affect your weightloss and life

How your hormones can affect your weightloss and life


Do you ever stop and think about your hormones? How they could really be affecting your life and weight loss?

First off let me say I am NOT an expert on this stuff just kind of obsessed now after reading In the Flo with Alissi Vitti. Mainly because her approach makes so much sense! It dives into #cyclesyncing and how making certain changes in our lifestyle to support our cycle can actually help us lose weight, become more productive, and feel better every day! You can check it out below.

As women, unfortunately it has become more normal to be known as “hormonal” . We have a “cycle” but we have no idea how to make it actually work for us… instead we are out of balance and deal with PMS symptoms among other things week to week. If we can get our hormones to where they are at better levels we will not only feel better but perform better in every area of our lives. Seem too good to be true? Follow me here….

Throughout our 28 days our hormones (we have many more but in regards to this I am referring to estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone) go up and down and if you are like me and have taken synthetic birth control for years, or taken different medications, been exposed to hormone disrupting toxins (like plastics and some things in the air for example), you may be all over the place. You may have also been diagnosed with PCOS, irregular periods, or estrogen dominance. Any of those things can potentially also lead to issues with metabolism, thyroid, gut, and other autoimmune conditions.

Here are a few reasons why:

Estrogen dominance: is something that is more apparent for ever in our culture, there are multiple reasons why but one big one is our liver not metabolizing estrogen properly. When we are not eliminating the right amounts of estrogen (the liver metabolizes it in three different ways (one good, and two bad) it can lead to dominance which can turn to insulin resistance, higher inflammation and gut issues among other things. This right there can prove to mess with metabolism. 

We also have a major connection with estrogen and our gut. A major regulator of estrogen is within the gut and by a certain type of bacteria. If we have any sort of dysfunction (like leaky gut) that has developed this can cause that bacteria to not regulate estrogen as it should which in turn can lead to dominance…. Again this  can lead to numerous factors stemming from obesity, infertility, and pcos among other things.

With hormones unbalanced, it just leads us down a bigger spiral of imbalances causing the wrong things to be released or not released at the right times. This means more stress on the body, which we all know leads to more inflammation.

So what am I getting at?

If we can add things to help support our optimal hormone production and treat our bodies in a way at the right times of the month when these hormones should be at certain levels we can feel better, do more and help reduce some symptoms and possible reverse some diseases.

It starts by paying attention to your cycle. If you do not know when or where you are, or if you are on birth control it is a good idea to get a feel for your hormone levels by getting tested. Over the next few weeks I will be diving into how these things can be helped via workout scheduling, foods, supplements and self care. Different parts of the month if you will need different things to help you feel your best and start to regulate hormones to correct metabolism and other imbalances and health issues. 

I am doing this myself as I personally have been affected with irregular cycles for YEARS and want it regulated. So far so good. And have no fear I will do a full recap of all of my success and fails after month 1!

Ready to start your own CYCLE SYNCING journey?? Four weeks of workouts, nutrition help AND self care to help you get moving and feeling better – you can save $10 with code CHANGEUP at check out. Check it out!

Figuring Out Your Why

Figuring Out Your Why

New year….new you….. That is a terrible quote/saying.


Do you agree?

Let me explain- you are you for a reason, I am me for a reason. We do not need to try to be something we are not. We need to work on our strengths and improve our weaknesses to be a better version of us. Not a better version of something we are not or think we should be because of society. That is a recipe for unhappiness.
The new year can totally mean improvements though.
PrioritiesThe biggest factor in becoming better versions of ourselves is determining our goals or desires for 2020, and then, stopping and thinking what the driving force behind those are. Aka… Your WHY.
You see each of us has desires and things we want. We could want to lose weight, to become debt free, to be stronger, to get a new job or promotion. BUT behind each of those things is a driving force making us want them. Something deeper.
When we figure out what that is, and focus on doing things surrounding that. THAT is when we start succeeding and reaching goals. Not because we have a step by step plant to get there, but because we make small steps that make us feel better, gain confidence in that area and in that process we are able to keep working towards our overall big goals because we do not give up. We grow in the process.
Most goals are not reached because we get frustrated when we do not do one thing right, or two… but when we get frustrated and just give up it does nothing for us. We typically do this because we are ONLY thinking about the weightloss or that promotion. When we think of WHY we want those things and focus on that instead, we tend to keep going.

Here is an example:


  • To lose 50 lbs

The WHY behind it

  • “To be able to play with your grandkids and not get out of breath and decrease risk of health problems”.

The process


  • You start by going for a walk 10 minutes a day because you know you 1- enjoy it, 2- you get some self care or you time, 3- it is making you healthier. (if you miss a day because you enjoy it you will go back to it the next day you can and keep moving forward with that habbit)
  • As you keep the walks going you eventually bump the time up, and then decide to do a little more and add in strength or resistance training with a group or trainer.
  • You then decide to make smarter choices with food because you recognize your progress in the other area after a few weeks, and start adding in more whole foods more days than not during the week.

The Result

  • You are building your own confidence by doing something you love or enjoy and as a result it is keeping you showing up. You are focusing on doing something good for you to help you move and feel better….. and as a result you lose weight.
  • You are focusing on your WHY and that establishes better habits because you relate it to your wellbeing and happiness.
  • Decreasing stress WHILE working towards a goal is a winning situation no matter how you look at it.
  • Less stress – less inflammation – feel better – lose weight.


To recap- you need to figure out your why. Your why is what is the deeper meaning behind the big goals you want to achieve. Start with the goal then work backwards. Focus on doing things that keep you focused on your why and the goal will come to fruition.

I suggest taking one major thing in each area of your life –
Health, Professional, Education, Relationships, Spirituality (what ever that might be), Physical, Mental. Have one goal for each, and then work on the why for each. Some may overlap and thats ok. The less you have to focus on the better.
Write down your why and keep it around you, set reminders on your phone, stay focused and atleast set a reminder to reevaluate each month.

If you need help with this my quarterly goal setting printable may help. It does just the thing I am speaking of in working backwards, Check it out – Quarterly Printable