We all know this, but we still find ourselves debating from time to time do we not?

We know all we have to do is make it to the gym, or choose the healthier of the two options for dinner yet we still debate and sometimes make the wrong choice.

 Why do we do this?

Why is it so hard for us to just do the thing we KNOW we need to do.

I know for me it is excuses, it is temptations, it is laziness. It might be the same for you too.

But something I do know even if I do not act on it all the time is we ARE better than our excuses, we HAVE the potential so laziness shouldn’t be allowed, we KNOW what we need to do but whether it is friends, family, social media, sometimes those things can influence our choices and not for our own good.

The good news is we ALL have the ability (myself included) to start today and make smarter decisions. To show up for that workout, to walk in the doors of that gym, start that program, choose the not fried option at dinner. We CAN do this.

Don’t let another thing hold you back today, prove yourself…. to yourself. I believe in you!


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