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Six Week Training Plan

No more stressing about what to do to reach your goals.

No more stressing about what is best for you to do workout wise, or whether you HAVE to do that workout you hate.

Program design is made for YOU. It is for your style, your likes, your goals, your abilities, fitness level, desire, what you have access to.

You do NOT need a ton of time to invest, just a few days a week and 30 minutes or so. 

It is about working for YOUR lifestyle, not your best friends.

Twelve Week Program Design

3 months of workouts and programming written just for you.

It is all based on your goals.

No guess work.

No doing the same thing over and over again.

Results. Because it is for you.

Take the Guess Work Out of Your Workouts

Ever find yourself wondering if you are doing the right workout? Or if this workout is really working for you?

Ever been really tired of doing the same thing over and over again and not getting results.

What about doing a workout you hate, just because everyone else is into it??

Well that is what program design is NOT. It is ALL about laying out a plan of attack that works for you. Specific to your goals and your needs. What you have access to, and what you like. 

The end result- Results! (because you stick with it!)

No More Hours in the gym

Workouts that fit into your schedule, that you enjoy- so you keep showing up for.

No More Dreading Your Workouts

You can stop dreading that spin class or boxing or dance class you hate because this is tailored to YOU. No matter six or twelve weeks these are both designed with you in mind.

Taking the guess work out of it

Tried all the programs and gotten minimal results? Well that may because it is not designed for you.

Your friends are not you, your co workers, family, all of you are different and have different needs, so you require different workouts at times. That is exactly where program design comes in.

I get to know you, and tailor the plan to you.

Program Design is made for you- that is why it works


When things are specific to you, you tend to build the confidence in yourself through the results you get because of that. 

The process is simple- 

I get to know you through questions, and a short chat. What you like and dont. Your health and fitness history and current level. What you have access to. What your ideal situation workout wise looks like. And of course what your goals are.

I get to work and design a program with videos included that lays out an overview as well as a week to week day to day plan that takes you to those goals.

And you get access to me the entire time!

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Results happen

When you know its for you, not the girl or guy down the road or next to you in class…. goals happen.

A Plan of Attack For Your Goals

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Free consult


Workouts laid out to fit your schedule, fitness level and needs.


Nutritional Help and Guidance

Food Log, Check ins and Suggestions and Recipes to help you stay on track during your six or twelve week period!


Check ins each week help you stay accountabile and help me make any adjustments to your program you may need.

Get the plan to reach your goals now

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Hi there,

I am Candice and I became a trainer to help women feel better and discover their true potential through fitness and living a more balanced life style. After being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and seeing how resistance training, fitness, and eating better really helped me feel better; I knew I had to help others do the same. Fast forward leaving my corporate job and jumping into personal training full time today and I am able to do just that. I would love to help you too!


– Candice Scott (cunningham)

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