How Four Sigmatic Mushroom Products Helped Me Feel Better

How Four Sigmatic Mushroom Products Helped Me Feel Better

Mushrooms 🍄  – Drinkable 🍄  – yes mushrooms 🍄 . I am a fan.


Have I got you weirded out yet?


I have always loved typical mushrooms ya know the ones like bella, oyster, etc. I love them in a good spaghetti or with a good steak… or just by themselves.

These guys though- these are a little different they are considered superfoods….. They provide benefits to us that can help with underlying stress (which HELLOOOO we all have) anxiety, focus, energy, etc.

In this post I am going to be explaining some products that are infused with these bad boys.

These products are made by a company called Four Sigmatic and I AM A FAN.

Four Sigmatic helps people achieve elevated wellness with the worlds most nutrient dense ingredients. They want to help decrease our stress and not so great lifestyle adaptations we have and do daily by adding these superfoods to products that are everyday staples. So we do not have to necessary make changes to who we are but add in nutrient dense superfoods to the things we already love – like coffee.

I personally think it is a great idea. I have tried a bunch of their products but the ones I am going to focus on here today include  Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps and Lions Mane , they are some of their staples.

They have many more- but this is a blog not a novel!

First off I want you to understand their brand:

They originated with their founder Tero who is from Finland.

He grew up on a farm there and discovered his love for Mother Nature and some of the benefits she can bring. (by the way did you Finland is considered one of the happiest places on earth?)

He discovered these superfoods living there and apparently they are a thing – so maybe they are onto something. They are in 65 countries now and are bringing benefits to tons of people all over the world. Doing some good I would say!


Their brand motto –

Four Sigmatic is a wellness company that wants to share the benefits of the most nutrient dense ingredients with the world. Our innovative recipes combine these truly super foods with daily staples like coffee, cacao, and skincare to help people fit elevated wellness in throughout the day and meet the overwhelming demands of modern life.
I can get on board with anything like that!

My experience:

AM Drink – So first off I tried the coffee – the lions mane coffee to be exact.

I made it with hot water- coconut milk- stevia- and a little oat milk creamer. Combined them all and blended it in my nutri bullet.

Taste – Great. No complaints here. I am someone who puts stevia in everything (may not be my strongest suit) but I love sweet so if I had to compare JUST the coffee taste – I would fail ALL coffees not just theirs lol.

Focus- Pretty good. I didnt get a headache like some coffee, I got good focus and I enjoyed it. Lions Mane is a superfood mushroom known for focus and keeping your mind sharp- without stressing out your body with caffeine. This may be a new staple. I just wish it came in nespresso capsules lol.

Side note- did you know caffeine can cause some inflammation in some people… maybe it is something I need to look into more.


Mid Day Drink – Chaga Elixir.

I made this with water and stevia. And Frothed it.

Overall it was ok, it was a better drink than plain ol water. But the coffee I liked better.

HOWEVER Chaga is a superfood known for immune support, and I am ALLLLLLL about that right now in this COVID world. So I would totally add this. They do have other drinks with Chaga in them I will probably try vs. just the elixir itself. They have a chaga coffee with cordyceps which I think might be the perfect combo. Or maybe I could just add this into my lions mane coffee… theres an idea.

 PM Drink -Mushroom Cacao with Reishi


I am all about that chill life. (yes I am a trainer but a girl has to decompress).  I added some coconut milk and wait for it….. stevia with it and hot water and frothed. It was great! Just like a relaxing hot cacao.

Reishi is known for relaxing properties and helping de-stress. So I am all for it. Definitely recommend this at night to help you relax before bed.

 AM the NEXT DAY – Mushroom Coffee with Cordyceps

This one gave me a little more energy vs focus, so pretty cool.

Made it just like the day before with the lions mane coffee but I also added the chaga elixir and I gotta say I think it was a good mix. So I got the energyAND the immune help.

The taste was just basically like the day before. I would recommend this one before a workout or any physical activity or when you just need more of a pick me up.

 Overall I would highly recommend giving them a try!

Anything that is an easy Add in VS a restriction for health is SO Much better than restriction. I tell my clients that all the time and try to live by that too. They also have other products like the newly launched protein which I will be trying next. It is packed full of nutrients and plant protein, and based on the other stuff I have tried I expect nothing but goodness from it.  

If you want to try any of this out for yourself – you can save 10% with Code CANDICECFITNESS at checkout or just use this link and shop! I will also be posting a review on Youtube so watch for it!! Let me know if you have any questions!  

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Summer Must Haves

Summer Must Haves

Its ALMOST summer – can you believe it?? This year even with all of its craziness has gone by pretty quick. I am also pretty sure I say that every year…. With summer comes a need for certain/ different things our body needs to stay healthy and some things we just want (lets be honest). This list is comprised of both.


Feel free to share with anyone who might like some of these items! Also please remember these are ALL things that I use or have in the past and I would never recommend anything I did not believe in!



Liquid IV – 

One of my absolute FAVORITE things, and something I use ALL year long but especially during the summer. Dehydration is something we have to be careful of in the summer. Heat exhaustion is common and so is alot of our consumption of other things that can make us needing more hydration than other times of the year.

For example, sweating, drinking alcohol, eating more things like bbq or saltier foods all make us increase our need of more water. That is why I love Liquid IV. It seriously is a game changer, even for hangovers! One packet gives you the same hydration as if you were drinking 2-3 bottles of water. It uses something called CTT that allows rapid absorption in your blood stream of glucose, sodium and potassium. It is literally a game changer for me. Check it out! 


Hydro Flask – 

So you gotta keep that water and liquid IV cold right? Well this is my favorite water bottle to do it.

It is a little more pricey but it is worth it and I believe these things are pretty darn near indestructible. Lots of colors to choose from too!


Sun Bum – After Sun Gel

This stuff is the best if you are get a little burnt (or alot)…. but lets try not to do that.

It cools you down and moisturizes unlike other aloe gels and lotions I have tried in the past. Not to mention it is made with SUCH better ingredients. It is always with me- this or the gel ALWAYS when we are at the lake or the beach or pool. Highly recommend all of their products.


Toms Flip Flops 

Of course ya need some flip flops!

I love Toms because there is meaning behind the brand. They do good for every pair that is sold, Not to mention they have great quality too that last, 


Vitamin E

You have to change up the supplement game in the summer too!

Vitamin E is something that is super important for skin repair and rejuvenation. So summer = essential time for it. We have to protect our skin and Vitamin E does just that by providing antioxidant support as well as other benefits like cardiovascular health support and more.


Vitamin C

Next up – Vitamin C!

Vitamin C is well known for its immune support but did you know it also helps protect against free radical damage from the sun? It also helps support cells and hydration daily. I love this brand as they are free from any allergens so we know we are getting good stuff!


DIFF Eyewear – 

Sunshine = sunglasses that work!

Not only are these some of the cutest sunglasses ever – I think I got more compliments on my pair of Beckys than any other sunglasses ever! But they go to a GOOD cause too! You know I love companies that do that. They also offer a no scratch guarantee!


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What the heck is Cycle Syncing??

What the heck is Cycle Syncing??

What the Heck Is Cycle Syncing??


Have you wondered this? Have you heard the phrase #CycleSyncing and wondered if it applies to you, or if you should figure it out because you should try it? 

Well here is where I lay it all out for you. I dig into what it is, how it can help and what you can do today to start. Let me know what you think!


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Blackened Cod Taco Bowl with Cilantro Lime Cabbage Slaw

Blackened Cod Taco Bowl with Cilantro Lime Cabbage Slaw

Super Easy – Super Yummy – Super Healthy 

As you may or not know I am NOT a cook. I pride myself on finding things that are easy, taste good and are healthy.

This meal is exactly that. It is packed with omega 3’s, higher in protein, and easy to prepare.

I use cod typically for things like this, mainly because it has a light flavor and cooks easily. It is also pretty easy to find wild caught filets.which I always try to get so they are not with the added hormones, or antibiotics some farmed might be containing.

The sauce is from Primal Kitchen (use code CandiceCFitness to save at checkout ) – it is light and made with avocado oil which I love as it mixes well and is full of healthy fat as well.

Cabbage is great for a variety of reasons – it is packed with vitamin K, C and is great for digestion too. 

I tend to put this all on top of cauliflower rice, I like to buy the pre riced variety lol – again not a cook! Trader Joe’s is my favorite.


How to Cook This Dish –

Prepare the riced cauliflower as package directs.

To prepare the fish – 

Simply heat a non stick skillet to medium high heat with about ½ TBL of Avocado or Olive Oil.  You can also use a cast iron pan for a little different flavor.

Prepare the blackened coating by mixing all ingredients listed below.

Add a small amount of oil to each filet of fish then coat with seasoning. 

Once pan is heated place filet in pan and saute 3-4 minutes on each side until flaky.


While that is cooking prepare the slaw- 

You need a big ziplock bag, purple cabbage (again I buy pre cut lol) the primal kitchen marinade (Cilantro Lime) and red onion plus pickled jalapenos. Add everything to the bag (use about ¼ cup of marinade) and seal bag and shake until it is coated.


Assemble the bowls with rice, fish and slaw and add a little bit more marinade along with juice of ½ a lime to each. 




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